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We're not sure where these folks got their data from, but we're calling foul... Actually, if we're being honest, we actually didn't say 'foul,' but you know what we mean. If these folks are referencing July weather in Louisiana as being 'perfect,' they're out of their minds! recently released a report saying that according to historical weather data, July 20th will be Louisiana's 'most perfect' day of the year weather-wise to vacation.

Now, I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, we were in the middle of a heat wave. In fact, someone literally lost her life earlier this week due to heat stroke. So, calling July 20th the most perfect day of the year to vacation in Louisiana is a bit of a stretch... in my humble opinion.

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larger version says they computed each state's 'most perfect' day of the year to vacation based on an 'average of the following data: the date with the most predicted sunshine - May 19th; the date with the best temperature - October 21st; and finally, the longest day of the year - June 21st.'

A quick check of the extended forecast from our partners at The Weather Channel shows that Wednesday, July 20, 2022, we can expect a high of 102°. And that temperature is the 'real' temp... not the dreaded 'heat index' which factors in humidity levels.

I'm really not trying to be a downer here, but I think maybe they should have checked their data a little closer. Here are some tips on how to stay safe and keep your cool.

What are the top things you can do to beat the heat?

1. Stay Hydrated - The CDC recommends drinking anywhere from 16 - 32 ounces of cool water for every hour you spend in the heat.

2. Find Some Shade - Whether you find a tree or bring along an umbrella or a pop-up tent, shade makes a huge difference. Of course, a cabana boy fanning you with a large palm leaf would be good, too!

3. Take a Dip - Is there anything more refreshing than taking a swim during the summer? Whether it's a pool, lake, or even running through the sprinkler, it'll cool you down fast. Just make sure to wear sunscreen!

Woman feeling hot and trying to refresh in summertime heat

4. Try to Avoid Peak Heat - If you can schedule your activity for the morning before the full heat of the day or when the sun is finally going down, do it! And don't forget to make sure your ceiling fans are rotating counterclockwise.

5. Wet Towels - Keep damp towels in a cooler or even better, freeze paper towels and take them with you. When you get hot, apply these to your neck and wrists. You'll instantly feel much cooler. And if you can find it, try Florida Water. We used this during travel ball and it really works! A spray bottle filled with chilled water is nice, too!

6. Choose Lightweight, Light-Colored, Loose Fitting Clothing -  Trust me on this, darker colors get hotter faster and you certainly don't want to be caught wearing a wool blend in 90+ degree heat. Opt for breathable cotton fabrics that fit loosely and allow your body room to breathe and regulate its temperature.


7. Chill Your Lotions - You'll thank me for this one. There's nothing more soothing than smoothing on some nice cool sunscreen!

8. Wear a Hat - Don't wear just any hat though... I've found that a close-fitting baseball cap only makes me hotter. You want to find something with a wide enough brim that will protect your face, neck, and ears so you don't get a sunburn!

9. Pace Yourself - If you're working or playing outside in the heat and you're not used to it, make sure you limit your time outdoors. Later, as you become acclimated, you can increase your time in the heat.

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10. Take a Drive - Even if you don't have A/C in your vehicle, roll your windows down and enjoy the breeze!

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