Loyola Law has released a report on the data involving inmate deaths in the state of Louisiana. The study analyzed data from from the 786 known inmate deaths between 2015 and 2019. The deaths included in the study were from State Prisons, Parish jails, and detention centers.

According to the report,  the majority of the deaths were medical related deaths. Some came in to the facilities with preexisting conditions, while some were diagnosed while incarcerated. The report also showed that six percent of the deaths were suicide with almost half of those taking place in solitary confinement.

The report has shown that the majority of the incarcerated deaths take place within State DOC facilities attributing just over 70% of the total deaths between 2015 and 2019. The report also details where the deaths took place with the detention center medical facility taking 72% of that chart.

With all the info about deaths with a medical cause the report also shows that the majority at 41% were heart related illnesses. Cancer was the second leading cause of incarcerated deaths with just over 19% of the attributing causes.

Of the drug related deaths, 75% of those seem to take place in Parish jails and only 17% in Department of Corrections.

The report in it's entirety can be seen HERE.

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