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We've learned a lot of new words and phrases over the last year thanks to the pandemic and Louisiana voted... 'Flattening the curve' is the absolute WORST! That information comes to us courtesy of a poll conducted by In fact, they joke, 'Thought we left calculus in high school?'

What other phrases do we detest in Louisiana? According to's research, the results are as follows:

1. Flattening the curve - Thought we left calculus in high school?
2. Outbreak - The ominous word, reminiscent of a horror film of our worst nightmares, may send shudders down your spine when hearing it on the local news.
3. Second wave - In pre-pandemic times could have easily been confused with surfing lingo, perhaps. Now, however, the term may catalyze a bout of anxiety at the current situation we are facing.
4. Unprecedented - The word that appears in nearly every news article published during these unprecedented times…
5. Bubble - This is perhaps no wonder – being ordered to remain in one is not a fun experience!

I don't know about you, but I had to take Calculus twice in undergrad. After the second time, I switched majors. No more complicated math classes for me! Naturally, because I have no idea what those graphs mean, I have to agree with 'flattening the curve.' Then there's all the slang that appeared overnight, like 'the 'rona!' It drives me crazy! What word or phrase from the pandemic do you never want to hear again? Who knows? Maybe I'm just salty because I didn't have a 'Quarantine buddy!'

P.S. Say the 'New normal' again and know I'll be imagining stabbing you with a plastic spork!


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