SHREVEPORT, LA - The U.S. Supreme Court has thrown out the appeal from Louisiana which was trying to prevent state lawmakers from having to redraw the congressional maps.

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This is no big surprise since the June 8 Supreme Court's ruling in the Alabama case which is very similar to the map issue in Louisiana.

The high court order notes this case should be resolved in lower courts "in advance of the 2024 congressional elections in Louisiana."

This latest ruling will likely result in new maps being drawn in Louisiana which will give Black voters a better chance to elect 2 of the 6 Congressmen in the state. Black voters and voting rights groups have claimed the lines drawn by the state legislature unlawfully dilutes the influence of Black voters.

U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court

This latest Supreme Court was issued in an unsigned order sent out Monday morning with no noted dissents.

The plaintiffs in the Louisiana case challenged the map, which was ok’d by state lawmakers last year despite a veto by Governor John Bel Edwards. Lawmakers went into special session and overrode the Governor’s veto. Republicans were able to secure the two-thirds votes needed in both the House (72-31) and Senate (27-11) to keep the new lines in place.

Now lawmakers will likely have to come back in a special session to do it all over again.

Critics argue that the population of the state is about 33% black and that population should be represented in our congressional districts.

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