Regardless where you might live in Louisiana, you could potentially be sitting on a small fortune in treasure from the Civil War.

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From 1861 through 1865 there were almost daily Civil War battles fought here in the Bayou State.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

According to the National Park Service, there were battles in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Fort Jackson and Donaldsonville, skirmishes near Lake Providence, Campti, Natchitoches and Marksville, and one of the most famous in North Louisiana was in Pleasant Hill in 1864.

Of course, all those battle grounds could potentially be home to all forms of Civil War memorabilia.


However, it never occurs to most people that even though those battle sites are potential hot spots for Civil War treasure, anywhere in the state of Louisiana could give up some of that nostalgia.

That's because those troops literally marched or rode horses everywhere. They camped wherever they could and fought wherever opposing forces met. So, literally, anywhere in any corner of the state, could be a good place to look for anything of the Civil War era.

Now, some of the big ticket finds would include Civil War gold, that many believe was actually smuggled out of the South into the Northern states to avoid being lost to Union forces as the war neared its end. You might have seen some of this discussion on the History Channel's "The Curse of Civil War Gold"

But Civil War treasure comes in many other forms besides gold or coins, including weapons, ammunition, buttons or a number of other oddities.

And it's apparently not that hard to find. This YouTube video from American Detection just how easy our hunters found some of these treasures in what appears to be regular farmland with a decent metal detector.

So, is there treasure on your place? You'll never know if you don't search!

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