Its going to be another hot one in the Texas and Louisiana region. In fact, Excessive Heat Warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service for much of both states. Air temperatures will exceed 100 degrees in many areas of the states, and the humidity will be over 50% in some of those same area. Making a very dangerous heat index.

It will be so bad in Texas and Louisiana that you would actually find relief if you went to one of the hottest surfaces of the planet today.

Tunisia Tributes To Sahara Desert's Nomadic Cultures
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According to the Weather Channel, the forecasted high temperatures for Bossier City today will be 101 degrees (F), Baton Rouge today will be 100 degrees (F), 101 degrees in Shreveport, and 101 in Alexandria. Most of Louisiana will be over 100 degrees with the air temperature.

In Texas, the Weather Channel predicts Dallas to hit 103 degrees, Killeen to be at 103, El Paso to be at 103, San Antonio to be at 102, and Lubbock to be at 105. All with humidity climbing between 20% and 50%.

So where does that compare to someplace like...the Sahara Desert? You'd actually cool down if you were out in the deserts of North Africa.

Bush Reversal of Protection for Dunes Challenged
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Going back to the same source for our desert temps, the Weather Channel, here are the forecasted highs for the Sahara Desert today:

El Borma, Algeria: 100 degrees, 14% humidity
Zliten, Libya: 86 degrees, 52% humidity
El Menia, Algeria: 105 degrees, 12% humidity
Badr, Egypt: 98 degrees, 29% humidity
Hun, Libya: 97 degrees, 18% humidity

Even with some air temperatures in the desert being above the forecasted temps for Louisiana and Texas, the humidity in our area will push the heat index higher than anything in the Sahara.

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