Ever catch yourself struggling for your next breath just because there is so much on your plate and you think you'll never get caught up?

Welcome to Louisiana!

The wellness brand, Komowa, just released their rankings of the most and least stressed states in America and Louisiana is evidently pretty stressed out.


In an article from cnbc.com we learn:

To create the ranking, Komowa used data from the CDC, U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and more.

States were also ranked by individual categories including the highest credit card debt and the longest commute time.

They've based their findings on sixteen factors which are grouped into four categories:  Money stress . . . work stress . . . health stress . . . and family stress.

Here in the Bayou State, we were considered the fourth most stressed out state in the country.  Only Tennessee, Alabama and Oklahoma were considered more stressed than the citizens of Louisiana.

Several areas were major contributors to our high stress level according to the findings.

Here's How Louisiana Stress Level Fared in The Major Categories

  • Hours Worked - 1st
  • Earnings - 17th
  • Commute - 16th
  • Work From Home - 3rd
  • Income - 4th
From Datawrapper
From Datawrapper

Though most of us would find it hard to believe that we are actually more stressed out than New York and California, there's some criteria that might make their findings a little more understandable.

How Did Louisiana Rank So Poorly?

When it comes to average hours worked per week, Louisiana is Number One with an average of 44.3 hours per week.

In another research project from WalletHub.com, we find a number of other contributing factors.

Louisiana is 4th when considering the average percentage of adults who are in fair/poor health.

Here in Louisiana, we have the 2nd lowest credit scores in the country.

We're also 2nd with the highest percentage of the population living in poverty.

Louisiana is 4th in the nation in divorce rate.

We're #1 in the category Highest Crime Rate Per Capita and The Fewest Psychologists Per Capita.

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