Could Mathew McConaughey be the good luck charm that every football team needs? McConaughey sent a video of him cheering on and encouraging his hometown high school team the Longview Lobos. McConaughey graduated from Longview High School in 1988. Perhaps that encouraging video is what motivated the Lobos to persevere. Longview up until this point hadn’t won a state title in football in over 81 years! That dry spell has come to an end. Longview Lobos went head to head against Beaumont West Brook and according to several people who made the drive from Longview to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Lobos walked away with a win, 35 to 34. East Texas is proud of what the Longview Lobos were able to pull off, and we all think that a little encouragement from Mathew McConaughey is just what a crew needs.

Elton Sanchez a teacher for Longview ISD made the drive to Arlington, Texas to see the Lobos play he is a proud Longview High School graduate. Sanchez said "I’ve been waiting 21 years for this, I remember the ‘97 season, arguably the Lobos’ all-time best squad, the ‘08 and ‘09 seasons against a powerhouse in the making Lake Travis, and the ‘10 season where they made it to the semifinals despite significant coaching/player turnover. It has been quite a while, but nothing else in terms of sports could make me happier than my Lobos finally bringing home gold. They’ve come so close so many times, I still can’t believe it finally happened."


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