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Adventurers were treated to a real life treasure hunt in Texas today, and some cunning sleuths cashed in!

The Gregg Country Historical Museum threw down the gauntlet for treasure seekers on Tuesday.  They left a trail of clues that lead to a real treasure containing lots of valuable and shiny things.  According to their Facebook post, the grand prize is bursting with rings, necklaces, 30 semi-precious stones, and more.

Could you have guessed the location based on theses clues?

The treasure was found at 3:30 today by super sleuths Bridget and David Cunningham.  They cracked the code and found a secret puzzle piece in downtown Longview that unlocked the treasure chest back at the Historical Society.

Treasure hunts both larger and smaller than this one have been gaining in popularity, especially since a treasure chest secreted away by millionaire art dealer Forrest Fenn containing more than a million dollars was found last year in the Rockies.  Like the Longview treasure, this chest was hidden with only a poem and a mysterious map left as a trail to find it.  That task would prove to be much more difficult as treasure seekers from around the world searched for Fenn's box for more than 10 years before it was discovered by an anonymous fortune-hunter.

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