This overpass in Marshall punishing vehicles that do not meet clearance requirements.

Shreveport-Bossier has many problems, I think we all would admit to that. However, there's one issue that we do not have here in Shreveport-Bossier, at least to my knowledge. We don't have a dangerously low bridge or overpass that crushes the roofs of buses, trucks, and RV's on the regular. So maybe things aren't so bad here after all.

However, our neighbors in East Texas are burdened with not one, but two vehicle-destroying overpasses. In fact, one of these has developed a cult following of sorts in Longview, Texas. That beast has earned the nickname of "Mean Green", but its official title is the Green Street Bridge. If you simply search google for "Green Street Bridge in Longview", you will come across what seems to be an endless supply of images showing Mean Green completely destroying incoming vehicles. It's clearance is just 11 feet and 2 inches, with signs all over the place. Still, that doesn't stop buses, trucks, and RV's from trying their luck and paying the price for it.

Now, though, Mean Green has some competition over in Marshall, TX. Marshall is home of the Grove Street overpass, and this overpass is quickly developing a reputation of its own. In fact, Grove Street Overpass once took out two vehicles within 24 hours. This overpass is somehow a tighter squeeze than its big brother in Longview, featuring a clearance of just 10 feet and 8 inches.

Now, Grove Street overpass can add another would-be traveler on it's long list of victims. Last week, the Marshall overpass completely smashed up an incoming RV. Luckily, the driver didn't make the routine mistake of fighting the overpass to the death, and seemed to have slammed the brakes once the brutal initial contact was made.

Check out the photo below!


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