Sometimes looking for certain books can be a little embarrassing. Sometimes it can be too embarrassing to ask for help when searching for certain topics. I remember being in High School and trying to find a book on suicide prevention and awareness. I had a friend who was struggling and I wanted to have the knowledge to help them. However, I felt uncomfortable about asking an employee where to look or if they recommend a certain author.

I eventually found a book that helped, but it took me a while. One library in New York has set up a poster for tough topics so that their customers can shop discretely without feeling judged, according to the Good News Network. I love this! I wish more libraries did this.

The post originally got its popularity on reddit, but has since found its way through social media. You can check out the poster here.

The poster is titled Tough Topics. It then lists several different subjects and where to find them within the library. The subjects include: abuse, abusive relationships, skincare and acne, alcohol, body changes, death, depression, divorce, drugs, eating disorders, health, LGBTQ, pregnancy, rape, relationships, sex, STDs, suicide.

I understand that these topics are already difficult to talk about, but having to let someone in on your personal business can be too much. I say kudos to this library and I hope others follow their lead.

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