Lauren Alaina has announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Alex Hopkins.

The pun-prone country singer turned to Instagram on Saturday (July 21) to share the joyous news, writing, "Being yours forever has a nice 'RING' to it. #HoppilyEverHopkins @_alex_hopkins WE ARE ENGAGED. EEEK."

She included emojis of a wedding ring and a heart.

The couple have been together for six years, and it's not entirely a surprise that they are getting married. Alaina admitted they had talked about it when she spoke to Taste of Country backstage in May of 2018.

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"We have definitely talked about marriage, obviously," she said. "When you have been together for six years, it’s bound to come up at some point."

Even so, she inserted a note of caution.

"We are 23," she added. "We are pretty young. My parents got married really young and that didn't work out, but Alex’s parents got married really young and they have been together for 30 years or something crazy, so I guess different strokes for different folks."

There's no mistaking her feelings for Hopkins, who has been a fixture on her social media in all kinds of fun, far-flung trips and silly private moments.

"I love him," she says. "He is my best friend. He's like an actual angel on earth. He’s the most attractive man I have ever seen. Like every time I look at him — I mean, the older we get, the more attractive he gets and I’m starting to be like, 'Glad we met at 17 because you are way cuter than me.'"

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