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In short, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is saying we need to stay off the roads for anything that isn't deemed essential travel for our own safety. There's a reason why the roads were devoid of other motorists when three of us carpooled to get to work together this morning at 3 am. It's cold and it's nasty and the roads will be worse the further we get into the morning. Sure, we made it in, but we drove very carefully and because the roads were empty, we didn't have to worry about other motorists.

Here's the release regarding driving conditions in NWLA issued around 1 am Monday, February 15, 2021, by the LA DOTD:

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development advises motorists that all state-maintained roadways with the exception of I-20 and I-49 (sections that remain open) in the 7-parish Northwest region have been deemed impassable due to winter weather conditions.

There has been significant accumulation of snow and ice on bridges, overpasses, and roadways resulting in travel conditions that are considered to be inadvisable. With additional winter precipitation expected to impact the region over the next few days, DOTD is strongly urging motorists to avoid ALL unnecessary travel, including on interstates that remain open.

The major impacted routes include but are NOT limited to:
US 71 (Natchitoches/Red River Parish line to Arkansas state line)
US 171 (Sabine/DeSoto Parish line to I-20 in Caddo Parish)
LA 1 (Natchitoches/Red River Parish line to Arkansas state line)
US 84 (Texas state line to US 171 in Mansfield)
LA 2 (Texas state line to Union Parish line)
LA 9 (Natchitoches/Bienville Parish line to Arkansas state line)
US 371 (I-49 to the Arkansas state line)
US 79 (Minden to Arkansas state line)
LA 3 (Bossier City to Arkansas state line)
LA 526 (LA 3132 to I-49)
LA 3132 (I-20 to LA 523)
While these and many other routes have not been barricaded and marked as ‘closed’, it is the intent of DOTD to warn motorists that roadway conditions have deteriorated and travel could be hazardous. If travel is absolutely necessary, DOTD urges drivers to adhere to the following safety tips:
Drive slowly and carefully.
Avoid driving while distracted.
Always allow for extra driving time.
Avoid using cruise control.
Reduce speeds when visibility is low.
Make sure there is plenty of room between vehicles.
Be on the lookout for DOTD crews and other emergency responders and their equipment.
Remember that it’s unlawful and unsafe to drive around a road closed barricade for any reason.
Also, beware of black ice - a thin, transparent layer of ice accumulation that can be visually hard to detect on bridges, overpasses, off-ramps and in shady spots. As always, DOTD reminds motorists to buckle up and refrain from distracted driving or driving under the influence.

For the most up-to-date road status information, DOTD offers motorists various resources:

511 Traveler Information: Travelers can find information regarding road closures by downloading the Louisiana 511 mobile app or by visiting the 511 Traveler Information website at This website is updated in real-time with changing road conditions.

MyDOTD: Motorists can receive up-to-date information on local projects, lane and road closures, and other DOTD activity by signing up for MyDOTD at

Social Media: Find DOTD on social media for updates and information. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Please, please, please be safe! Our area isn't accustomed to this kind of weather and we want to make sure everyone stays safe, happy, healthy, and WARM!

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