Here's a little warning for anyone attending a Kip Moore show anytime soon: Don't be on your phone the whole time, because the country singer doesn't like that very much.

During a recent tour stop, Moore spotted a woman was spotted texting during his entire set, and the 35-year-old country singer let the fan know how he felt about it. Moore snatched the phone and personally dialed whomever was on the other side of the text, to jokingly (kind of) say that their conversation could wait until he was done singing.

“Hey Fiona, I’m trying to do a damn show right now,” Moore says into the phone in the video above. "And you're texting your friend talking about some bullsh--. It ain't nothing that can't wait, talking about what you're going to wear somewhere, and I don't give a sh-- what y'all are gonna wear."

The hilarious rant continues with Moore pleading that the texting waits until after he's done so that everyone can enjoy the show. But before he hung up the phone, he made sure that the person on the other end of the line knew he was just playing.

"So give me 30 more minutes and don't text your friend, okay?" he said with a grin. "I'm playing with you, but I'm not playing with you."

Moore is spending his summer opening for Miranda Lambert as a part of her Keeper of the Flame Tour. Once that trek ends, he will be hitting the road again along side Jon Pardi for his Me and My Kind Tour. That run of shows kicks off at the end of September and will continue until December.

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