Remember the Sesame Street that went, "One of these things is not like the other?" Same thing that popped in my head when I read about this weird little tidbit of information. First off, we have a little bit to unpack here before we hit the highlights.

The news was announced this morning by Peter King of NBC Sports. The movie will be a direct release to Netflix per King. It will tell the story of Payton's time under suspension during the whole bounty scandal that happened in 2012 when Payton was suspended. During his suspension, Payton actually stayed coaching, but it was his son's football team. Payton coached the sixth grade team and used some plays for the Saints playbook at times for calls.

With me so far? Obviously, you already know Kevin James is set to play Sean Payton. That in itself is a bit of work to wrap your head around. Let's take it a step further down the rabbit hole. The film, which will be shot in New Orleans, is being produced by none other than Happy Madison Productions. Go ahead, let that soak in for a little bit. For those of you who don't quite know, Happy Madison is owned by none other than Adam Sandler. Sandler signed a deal with Netflix in 2014 to produce ten movies for the streaming giant. The deal worked out well for both parties as Sandler got to work. In 2020, he signed a new contract with Netflix for another four movies.

With Kevin James playing Sean Payton and Sandler known for bringing in the usual suspects, we can all begin to wonder where David Spade, Rob Schneider, and the rest of Sandler's friends will fit. It will be a cinematic adventure, for sure. Filming starts for Home Team this month in New Orleans.

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