Shreveport city leaders are taking a look at a gun measure that would require you to lock guns up in unattended cars. Under this measure your gun would have to be in the trunk, a locked glove compartment or a lock box that is permanently attached to the car. This measure calls for a fine of not more than $1,000 dollars for violators. Councilman John Nickelson says this is one small step to try to keep guns out of the hands of thieves. He says you would still be allowed to have your gun out while you are driving in your car.

Police say many of the crimes committed in our community are done by criminals using stolen guns. Nickelson posted on his Facebook page that he is getting overwhelming support for his proposal.

He says "As best I can tell from reactions to this post, those supportive of the proposed legislation outnumber those opposed by a margin of about 5 to 1,"

Nickelson says Shreveport is experiencing a gun violence crisis and we need to take steps to try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

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