I've been asking God for a money miracle for quite some time, like how amazing would be if I just had an extra half a million in the bank. I constantly daydream about stumbling upon a big bag full of cash that a drug lord dropped and that the cops know nothing about.

Imagine if you opened up your bank account to find an extra 1.2 million dollars in your checking account. What would you do? Would you call your bank and alert them of the mishap? Or would you take it as a sign from God that you deserved the extra million and go on a crazy shopping spree?

According to KNOE.com my lifelong dream came true, but it happened to someone else in Jefferson Parish. A simple clerical error caused Charles Schwab to mistakenly deposit $1.2 million into the wrong account. A simple mistake that could have been fixed over the phone turned into a whirlwind of a spending spree.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Kelyn Spadoni and charged her with theft, bank fraud, and illegal transmission of monetary funds. Sounds intense right? The part that tripped me out is that Spadoni was arrested by people she knew.

Turns out the officers who arrested her were her coworkers in a way. Spadoni is a former dispatcher for Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, of course, she was terminated after it was revealed that she got an instant payday and ran with it.

What happened? Spadoni allegedly refused to return money that was mistakenly put in her bank account in fact she hid all traces of having possession of the money, at least she tried.

Spadoni burned through 1.2 million dollars quickly.. It's not like Spadoni thought she would get caught, she went all out, bought a car, and even a house. She moved all the money around to separate bank accounts and left the account that once had over a million dollars in it with less than one hundred dollars in it.

If you think God is hearing your cries for more money in your account, please consider the fact that your money miracle may be a clerical error, and the law will find you and arrest you.


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