Jordan Davis has a new music video out that you will want to watch over and over again. His new song is so catchy, just like "Singles You Up" and now we are all hoping he releases it as a new single on the radio. Jordan Davis' latest album Home State has several potential hits following "Singles You Up". I currently have "Take It From Me" on repeat, it's hard to hate a Jordan Davis song, they're all so catchy!

Take it from me if you want a t-shirt to sleep in, it's my favorite but you can keep it
Looks good baby you should leave it. Hanging off your shoulders now give them bare feet dancing down the hallway. Smiling at me running your finger down the wall. You know what I want, I got what you need take it from me.

The song and the music video match up in the most unique of ways. The "Take It From Me" music video makes me want to buy a fanny pack and never party in New York City. The thought of getting pickpocketed freaks me out. You'll have to watch the video to know what I mean.

Jordan Davis is on Tour with Jake Owen and according to their Twitter and Instagram it looks like a whole lot of fun!

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