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If you're afraid of snakes like I am, then this story out of Texas about a hawk dropping a snake on a woman, then attacking will leave you sleepless!

Did a hawk in Texas really drop a snake on a woman who was mowing and then attack her?

Yes, that really happened and it's the stuff nightmares are made of. The woman in question is Peggy Jones from Silsbee, TX. She was out mowing on her tractor, minding her own business when a snake fell out of the sky and wrapped itself around her arm. According to reports, Jones says the snake started squeezing her arm and in the midst of all that going on, the hawk decided to attack. Clearly, it wanted its meal back and thought Peggy wasn't willing to give it up. Jones says the hawk swooped down at least four times, clawing her up pretty badly in the process, before taking its snake back.

Did the snake bite the woman?

Jones's husband heard her screams for help and took her to the emergency room following the attack. Peggy says there was blood everywhere, but thankfully she wasn't bitten by the snake. However, it was a close call. She found snake venom on the lens of her eyeglasses! I wasn't able to find out if they identified the kind of snake it was.

Are the Jones still living in the same place?

I don't know about you, but if that happened to me, I'd never go back! But, according to reports, being the tough Texan that she is, Jones has not only gone home, she's already been out on her tractor. Now that's guts! You can see pictures of the incident thanks to KPRC here. I'll warn you though, they're pretty graphic.

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