As young parents crowd into the hundreds of Louisiana baseball and football fields or basketball courts, most envision that little guy playing professionally at some point.

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While the overall odds of that happening will certainly squelch most of that kind of thinking, truth be told, the odds are a lot better for Louisiana boys than those of any other state.

Where Did That Stat Come From?

To determine which state's babies were most likely to become professional athletes, did some research into the birthplace of all athletes across the four major sports leagues in the United States which included the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL and compared those numbers with each state's birth rate to see which state had the best odds for a child to become a sports star.

Doug Pensinger /Getty Images
Doug Pensinger /Getty Images

The site's methodology sounds solid for the analysis:

The total number of current athletes from each state were acquired from Sports Reference and added together to calculate the total amount of athletes across the four major sports leagues from each state. This number was then divided into the number of male births in each respective state from the most recent available data.

The number of male births were assumed by dividing the total number of births in half, under the assumption that births are 50% male and 50% female.

Here's How The Numbers Stacked Up


As you can plainly see, Louisiana's babies are the most likely in the entire U.S. to go onto enjoy careers as professional athletes, but equally as impressive is that the findings could very well be the absolute best recruiting advertisement that the S.E.C. (Southeastern Conference) could ever use, with six of the top ten states having at least one member school represented from the exclusive conference.

So, I'm guessing if your little one looks like a T-ball phenom or has an impressive jump shot, it's probably a good idea to give them all the support they need.

To read more about the study and it's findings, including the states least likely to produce professional athletes, just go HERE to

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