Flying Heart Brewing in Bossier's East Bank Has Become a Staple for Pizza Lovers.

We love the beer at Flying Heart. However, if you have never had the wings at flying heart you're missing out. The crawfish dry rub wings are unreal, they're simply delicious. Believe it or not, the salads are good too. I love the Ceasar salad, it's simple fresh, and delicious.

Flying Heart Will Always Keep Us on Our Toes.

Did you know there are some secret menu items at Flying Heart? My friend said he had heard about a muffuletta pizza at Flying Heart I told him there was no such thing. What kind of Luckily for us, we were sitting with one of the owners of the pizza spot and he said "Yeah you can order it they'll know what to do".

Now Flying Heart Introduced the Uh-Oh Spaghettio Pizza.

They claim their latest culinary creation is the "Uh-Oh Spaghettio" Pizza will be featured all month long. They want us to "Step back into your childhood with every bite of this nostalgic masterpiece. Picture tender meatballs nestled in a tangy Spaghettios, all atop a perfect blend of cheddar cheese and our signature pizza crust." They went on to say "It's a fusion of two beloved classics, crafted to perfection. Don't miss your chance to experience the delicious nostalgia of 'Uh-Oh Spaghettio'"

All of a sudden people all over Shreveport-Bossier want to make their way to Flying Heart just to try what this crazy pizza tastes like. People have been commenting asking if it is legit and if they can drop in to buy this pizza. What started as a joke now has piqued the interest of some people with adventurous taste buds. Will Flying Heart actually turn some of these pizzas out for people with crazy taste buds?

Flying Heart Brewing & Pub via Facebook
Flying Heart Brewing & Pub via Facebook

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