June 21st officially marks the first day of summer 2023, but in Louisiana, we've been seeing temperatures near the triple digits for weeks now. We are all trying to find different ways to stay cooled off during the dog days of summer, even the four-legged friends in Louisiana.

In Louisiana, it's normal for us to see Gators roaming around, but it seems like over the last year or so, we have seen MANY occurrences of alligators taking a stroll through busy roads and intersections. Most of us have seen the most recent one about the gator crossing the road in front of the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles.

Though this one isn't quite as big as the dinosaur that was roaming around at the Golden Nugget...Imagine walking out of work trying to head home after a long day at work in South Louisiana when you're greeted on the way out by an alligator walking across the street.

I just wonder if there were any cops hanging around. We know that it is illegal to jaywalk for a pedestrian, but does that same law apply to an alligator? This alligator had no regard for the jaywalking laws. We even found a video, check it out here.

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