The next time someone asks you if you're down for a Louisianian Challenge you should probably check yourself. I miserably failed the Louisianan Crawfish Challenge. It seemed easy, you down 15 crawfish in 60 seconds. Of course I was convinced I could pull it off, my friend Ginger and I decided let's stick with 12. Both the folks behind the counter can pull it off, we watched Will with Chuck Wagon Crawfish eat 15 in 60 seconds and he had time to spare. There is a tactic and he tried his best to walk me through it. Clearly I need a lot more practice, because it took me 60 seconds to eat 3.

Ginger represented Texas and I represented my home state of California. Ginger was able to pull off 5 in 60 seconds while I could only pull off 3. It is much harder to do than I anticipated. I still don't know how people win competitions when it involves crawfish. Can you handle the Louisianan Crawfish Challenge? Make sure you get video evidence of it, and send it in!

Krystal Montez