I got an email today from Samantha that said "I was just wondering if there was somewhere people could donate to the people leaving their homes due to the flood.  If there's already a place please let me know.  If not, can we set one up?"   That's why I LOVE living here.  These are the kind of people we have here in our neck of the woods.  Always the first to help out!  Because of her email, I did a little research and found that in my opinion, the American Red Cross is the best bet on helping out. 

According to the American Red Cross website;

"In Louisiana, where the opening of the Morganza Spillway on Saturday is expected to affect thousands of people, Red Cross workers are also distributing flood preparedness information in potentially impacted parishes.

The Red Cross is prepared for a prolonged feeding and shelter response, with more than 20 shelters ready to open if needed in Louisiana. To ensure there will be enough volunteers to support a long-term sheltering operation, the Red Cross in Baton Rouge, La., is also recruiting and training more local volunteers.

Meanwhile, truckloads of Red Cross relief supplies made their way into the state over the weekend, including thousands of cots, blankets and comfort kits. The Red Cross is working closely with government and community partners to ensure workers, equipment, shelters, food and relief materials are in place as people evacuate from their homes. "

If you'd like to donate to the American Red Cross, just go HERE.

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