That's heavy news for an LSU fan. If you've ever visited the LSU campus, you've most likely gone to see Mike in his luxury digs. Simply put, he's a part of our culture in Louisiana and that means something. I expect a lot of people will be saying their goodbyes over the next few days. That's why it's important, now more than ever, to act like a tiger in his honor!

I saw this installment of TED Talks a few weeks ago and it really touched my heart. If you're not familiar with TED Talks, it started in 1984 as a conference that blended Technology, Entertainment and Design. Since then, it has grown to cover pretty much every topic under the sun and I watch the videos personally for inspiration and to learn leadership skills.

This TED Talks was from an engagement in Baton Rouge. The speaker is the PR person for the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine named Ginger Guttner. Ginger does a lot in her day to day job, but you're probably not familiar with that... In fact, you probably aren't aware of what she's doing... because she's the voice of Mike on social media. I hope you enjoy her presentation as much as I did!