It's a boy! We are so excited about our new office dog, he's an 8 week-old Aussiedoodle that just now discovered he has teeth and his chew toys are his best friends at the moment. He's so smart, so far no accidents in the office and he's the best cuddler ever. We are pretty sure he has boosted the office morale tremendously! We have a lot of people in the office jumping in and giving suggestions on what our no-name puppy should be called besides adorable. At first, the name game was between Oscar and Merle, but then the name Einstein was suggested because Aussiedoodles are so smart and he has the crazy grey curly hair on his head. Now everyone in the office is chiming in trying to settle on a name. Here is where you come in. We need you to pick a name for our no-named doodle. Vote on which name you think best fits our office dog below!

Kristen Young