Man, it's been a great year for me.  I'm a baseball fan!  HUGE BASEBALL FAN!  LSU Tigers (that one's been tough this year, but we're starting to warm up now) and I love my Texas Rangers!  (Get well Josh Hamilton) But as a baseball lovin' Dad, I couldn't be prouder of our Haughton Bucs and my own son, Buddy!  Haughton has SHATTERED their previous team home run record of 31 in a single season to presently at 59...and they've still got at least one game to go!  And Buddy has 17 of those home runs himself, which broke the all time single season home run record for all Bossier Parish High Schools and we believe it tops all Caddo Parish High School records as well.  On top of all this great news, tonight it was announced that Buddy was the KTBS/Jimmy Granger Ford "Athlete of the Week".  You can see their story here:  And that next game?  It's a doozie!  St. Louis Catholic from Lake Charles comes to Haughton Monday at 5pm for the Louisiana 4A State Quarterfinals.  Tickets are only $8 so get there early if you want a seat.  And if it sounds like I'm're probably right...but I hope you'll humor an old guy who's just tickled he's not having to bail his kids out of the pokie!

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