Texas Rangers

Mitch Moreland Talks A-Rod Suspension, Nolan Ryan Retirement
The Texas Rangers were in town on Monday (Jan. 13) at Turner Elementary in Shreveport for a Winter Caravan. During a Q&A session, 1130 The Tiger asked first baseman Mitch Moreland about the retirement of Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan and the Alex Rodriguez suspension scandal that has…
Josh Hamilton Hits MLB Record 4 Home Runs!
The Texas Ranger's Josh Hamilton became only the 16th player in Major League history to hit four home-runs in a single game when he did it last night against the Baltimore Orioles.  Hamilton's ups and downs are well documented...
World Series Is Better Because of Ron Washington
Regardless the outcome of tonight's Game 7 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals, this series has already been one of the greatest matches of all time.  Nelson Cruz and his record tying 8 post season home runs, Albert Pujols and his record tying 3 homers in a single g…
World Series Update – Nelson Cruz Injured
Oh no. Word is that Nelson Cruz is suffering a leg injury and could be out for tonight's final game of the World Series. The Rangers organization has not reported an official decision as to whether or not Cruz will play tonight's game.
World Series Game 6 Postponed
Well, looks like we will have to wait another day to find out if the Texas Rangers will bring home their first World Series Championship to Arlington.  Game 6 of the World Series has been cancelled due to nasty weather surrounding the St. Louis area.

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