Alabama defeated Arkansas this past weekend, but it's what Nick Saban did midfield that is the real headline.

When it comes to beating Alabama on the football field, it's pretty difficult. When it comes to losing your father, it's utterly debilitating. Nick Saban understands that, as he lost his father when he was a first year graduate student. He understands how hard it is, especially being in college.

That's why he found Arkansas center Frank Ragnow after Saturday's game.

Nick Saban shook hands with Bret Bielema, head coach of the Razorbacks, before heading straight for Ragnow, who lost his father just a week ago after their game against Alcorn State to a heart attack. It was a story that hit close to home for Saban and he made sure Ragnow knew that. Saban offered his condolences to Ragnow before heading to the locker room.

It kind of makes it hard to hate the man, doesn't it?

The two aren't strangers by any means. Saban hosted Ragnow on a recruiting trip back in 2013. Saban was asked about their conversation in the post game interview.

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