Alabama coach Nick Saban makes some pretty serious allegations about Louisiana police officers who stopped a couple of his football players. Saban questions the motives of the Monroe officers, and suspects they are LSU fans.

Sports guy Paul Finebaum confirmed that Saban, during an off-the-air exchange Wednesday, "indicated" the officers who arrested left tackle Cam Robinson and defensive back Hootie Jones were LSU fans.

Here's what Finebaum told the Advocate:

"He indicated that the police were LSU fans, yeah.

On air, Finebaum grilled Saban on the arrest of Robinson and Jones, Louisiana natives, before the two got into a a heated discussion off the air. While on the air, Saban had this to say:

There were four people in the car. Why did the two football players get arrested and the other guys did not get arrested? There’s no law about concealed weapons in Louisiana. Is that right, Marcus (Spears). You’re from Louisiana? All right. So why did they search the car just because there was a gun on the seat?

The DA in Monroe, Jerry Jones decided not to prosecute the Alabama players.


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