As if the temperatures we've had here the last few days haven't been miserable enough, it's looking like this arctic blast could have even worse implications just down the road.

According to the Louisiana Radio Network, these near record lows have halted production of crawfish.  Hey Mother Nature, you can hit us with a lot of things, but when you start messing with our crawfish boils, we've got problems!

Louisiana Crawfish Promotion Board President David Savoy tells the Louisiana Radio Network that if the below freezing temperatures continue, it could kill off a large part of this year’s harvest.

“They bury in the bottoms of these ponds and it’s how cold the bottom is going to get, if the bottom, the mud, gets down to the point where it’s really cold, it can kill em.”

Savoy says that with this weather, we should expect much smaller crawfish.

“And that’s what you’re going to have with these crawfish. If you have any production at all, it’s going to be on the small side.”

And he goes on to say that this couldn't have come at a worse time with an earlier than usual Mardi Gras season but that with seasonal temperatures expecting to return next week, he does expect production to return for crawfish farmers.


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