Granger Smith and his alter-ego that we all love Earl Dibbles Jr announced that they are "Arthur's". Yup they wrote a book! The proud authors are excited for you to read "If You're City, If You're Country". The book follows a cartoon version of Earl Dibbles Jr and he takes 50 different things and compares them from a city and a country standpoint. You can order the paperback book here. The book is scheduled to be released late August. When you order the book you get a CD and you get Earl Dibbles Jr's best songs, and an audio version of the book.

If You're City, If You're Country EP Track List:

1. The Country Boy Song

2. Country Boy Love

3. City Boy Stuck

4. Merica

5. Don't Tread On Me

6. BONUS: If you're City, If You're Country (Audio)

Granger Smith and country boy alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr have over 3.5 million fans, and nearly 50 million views on YouTube when it comes to Earl Dibbles Jr hilarious official videos. If the book is half as funny as Earl Dibbles Jr then I will be extremely happy with my purchase!

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