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We as Americans seem so intrigued by the royal family. Maybe it’s because we don’t have real life princesses! Well, a real life princess was born over the weekend and when we talked about it yesterday, we didn’t know her name yet. Prince William and Kate Middleton named their new baby girl Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Charlotte is a female version of Charles, which is after her grandfather Prince Charles. It's also the middle name of Kate's sister, Pippa. Diana is obviously a nod to the late Princess Diana. Clearly, Elizabeth is in honor of the sitting Queen Elizabeth, her great-grandmother.

President Obama made an appearance on Letterman last night, who is in the last few weeks of his show. So, it was only natural that the two spoke about retirement. When Letterman asked Obama what he planned on doing in 2017, he responded, "Well, I was thinking you and me could play some dominoes together."  Letterman didn’t seem opposed to the idea!

The Duck Dynasty musical Duck Commander has been cancelled in Las Vegas. The show launched April 15 at the Rio and was supposed to run through June 30… at least June 30. But apparently the show has been failing to put butts in the seats of the 680-seat Crown Theater. Hence, the last show has been set for May 17. I’m sure a lot of people have opinions on why the show was cancelled BUT I’m thinking it has to do more with the values the Robertsons stand for in a city that is diametrically opposed. Are you going to go to a Christian show in Vegas or see the topless dancing girls? And are Duck Dynasty fans really fans of musical theater? Producers are hoping the show will see new life outside of Sin City.

The trailer is out for Robin Williams’ final movie. It’s called Absolutely Anything and it’s a science fiction comedy with Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale. Robin plays his dog.

One of the girls from Maddie & Tae isn’t afraid of baiting her own hook. Who is it? Maddie Marlow!

Shoutout to all the girls who like to fish! #girlpower #MaddieMonday

A photo posted by Maddie & Tae (@maddieandtae) onMay 4, 2015 at 4:45pm PDT

The Simpson’s are back! They’ve been renewed for two more seasons taking the show to a total of 28 seasons!

Carrie UnderwoodBrad PaisleyCrushin’ It

The Zac Brown Band had to reschedule their concert from this past Saturday because Zac lost his voice. They’re not saying what happened, but I’m sure he’s seeing every kind of specialist he can. It’s tough on singers when they lose their instrument… especially when it’s on the second night of their new tour. The next scheduled stop for the the Jekyll + Hyde tour is this Thursday inRaleigh. We haven’t heard whether or not he’ll be able to perform yet.

Celebrity Birthdays Tuesday, May 5:
Brooke Hogan 27
Brian Williams 56
Henry Cavill 32
Adele 27
Chris Brown 26

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