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Kim Kardashian fans raised a big stink so

This is pretty incredible!
Tim Tebow saved a man who had a seizure at a minor league baseball game. Get this,
when the guy collapsed, Tim went to him, put his hand on him and prayed. The man revived and some witnesses called it a miracle including a
reporter named Kari Von Horn. Like I said, incredible!

This is going to be one heck of a binge watching marathon in my house… AMC is going to air all 88 episodes of The Walking Dead starting October 16th, leading up to the premiere of season 7 on the 23rd. I wonder how many times my husband will come up for air!

While we’re talking about weddings, Dierks Bentley gave Cam a pretty unconventional wedding gift… a wad of cash in a coozie! She didn’t mind, weddings are expensive!

ICYMI, Blake Shelton was on with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show Monday night and taught him how to milk a cow. Of course, they were dressed up!

Celebrity Birthdays October 12:
Josh Hutcherson 24
Hugh Jackman 48
Kirk Cameron 46