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A man who’s known for posing as a journalist to get close to celebrities and prank them tried to kiss Kim Kardashian’s butt yesterday in France. Tried? How do you miss that target? Apparently her security took him down and she complained to authorities!

It looks like all is forgiven between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Just five months after kicking him to the curb for cheating she says she’s in a ‘really good place’ and ‘adores him.’ She also said, quote, "I am trying to learn... I try to not let things faze me... you realize as you get older that all these things aren't really important." Not for nothing, I think fidelity is pretty important… at least in my book!

Tim Tebow rocked his first at bat as a pro ballplayer yesterday with a home run on the very first pitch! Sure, he’s still in the Instructional League, but I think that’s a sign of great things to come!

Have you seen Alec Baldwin in his Trump get up? It’s pretty hilarious and he’ll be playing the role of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this season, which begins with the premiere this weekend!

Blake Shelton has a double that looks enough like him that he was able to get backstage at his concert last Saturday. He fooled both fans and security and was even able to eat the free food backstage before he was forced to return to his seat. Could you imagine if this guy was single? The ladies would be falling at his feet!

Celebrity Birthdays September 29:
Andrew Dice Clay 59

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