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The Cleveland Indians are heading to the World Series to take on either the Cubs or the Dodgers. It’s their first time with a chance at the title in 19 years! It’s also been since 1948 since they’ve won the World Series. To put it in perspective, that was before we had Barbies or the polio vaccine.

Thomas Rhett’s wife is a woman after my heart! She won’t let him pack for her or do her laundry… because he doesn’t do it right! I totally understand Lauren! My hubby can’t fold a towel the right way to save his life!

Tim McGraw shirtless? Sign me up! It turns out Faith Hill is still a fan of her hot hubby after twenty years of marriage! She posted a photo of him cleaning up her car so she’d have a nice ride for the recent Adele show in Nashville!

My hubby gettin my ride ready to go see @adele in Nashville!!!! Yes, baby.....scrub those tires.

A photo posted by Faith Hill (@faithhill) on

Maren Morris already has her own headlining tour! It’ll kick off in February in Boston. She’ll be playing Dallas March 23rd in the House of Blues Cambridge Room. Road trip, anyone? Just in case you missed it, she performed 80’s Mercedes yesterday on Ellen and we have video!

Celebrity Birthdays October 20:
Snoop Dogg 45
John Krasinski 37
Viggo Mortensen 58
Tom Petty 66

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