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You can’t make this stuff up! Apparently Sarah Silverman almost died last week in a ‘freak case of epiglottis.’ You know, that little flap that hangs down in the back of your throat? It can actually cover your windpipe and keep you from breathing. Great! Now I have something else to obsess about!

Do you remember Erik Estrada from CHiPs? He’s a cop in real life now! He was sworn in over the weekend as a reserve officer in Idaho. This isn’t the first time he’s carried a real badge either! He’s been a cop before in both Indiana and Virginia.

Since we’re talking throwbacks, let’s keep this Throwback Thursday going… Nickelodeon is bringing back Double Dare with the original host Marc Summers… just for one night though at the San Diego Comic-Con. Of course, Shreveport’s own comic-com, Geek’d Con is here next month presented by Margaritaville at the Shreveport Convention Center.

Kenny Chesney was supposed to have released his new album Some Town Somewhere tomorrow but he’s pushed it back so he can include a duo with Pink. Now we get to wait until October. BTW, what’s up with all of these pop pairings in country right now? Brad Paisley with Demi Lovato, Dierks Bentley and Elle King… who just happens to be Rob Schneider’s daughter. Crazy,right?

Today on Chelsea, Blake Shelton will be a guest and of course, he talks about Gwen Stefani saying she ‘turned his life around’ and that they’re ‘meant to be together.’ He also says it’s the happiest he’s ever been. I hear in between gushing about Gwen he practices writing “Mrs. Blake Stefani” on the cover of his notebook. How sweet is that? Clearly, the show was pre-taped.

Celebrity Birthdays July 7:
Michelle Kwan 36
Dylan Sprayberry 18

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