Donald Bowers, Getty Images
Donald Bowers, Getty Images

As I was preparing for my day this morning I saw the most exciting news for 90s cartoon fans. Rugrats are coming back to Nickelodeon and they are making a live action movie!

The entire gang is returning, according to Eonline, along with a few new characters. Apparently the TV comeback is currently in production with no set release date just yet. The show has been renewed for 26 new episodes. We can expect the movie by November 13, 2020.

I am excited about this but also nervous. Anytime a show is brought back there is a concern that will not hold up to the expectations the fans have. Roseanne worked out, but I don't know if Rugrats will do the same. I grew up with Chuckie, Tommy, Angelica and the rest. These kids were my best friends.

I remember having a Rugrats themed birthday party when I was younger at McDonalds. I was a mega fan. To be honest I still watch the old Rugrat movies on Netflix. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they won't ruin my childhood.

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