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It’s like Christmas in July! Researchers have found that a ½ hour in a hot bath burns the same amount of calories of taking a ½ hour walk! It reduces your blood pressure, ramps up your metabolism and burns roughly 140 calories. Apparently, your body releases proteins when it’s exposed to exercise or heat… if that’s the case, then with as hot as it’s been, we should all be skinny soon!

Uh oh! Artists used to get mad at concert goers for taking too many pictures and videos and now their new pet peeve is concert goers playing Pokemon Go!

How cute is this! When Brad Paisley and Demi Lovato were recording Without a Fight, she brought her dog Batman with her to the studio. Brad just happens to be a big comic book fan so he did a painting of Batman and gave it to Demi as a present. Speaking of being a fan of comic books and all things ‘super hero,’ Shreveport’s own Comic Con is next month… Geek’d Con 2016 presented by Margaritaville Casino and Resort with appearances by Elvira, Tara Reid, George Perez, Brian O’Halloran and more!

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood just got through staging a photo shoot for their upcoming Christmas album which is pretty funny because they’re all bundled up on their front porch pretending to shiver in 97 degree heat! Thankfully, they’ll feel right at home when they’re here this weekend.

Not to be outdone, Reba McEntire is releasing a Holiday album as well called My Kind of Christmas September 2nd and it’ll be available online and at Cracker Barrel.

Celebrity Birthdays July 25:
Matt LeBlanc 49
Mason Cook 16
James Lafferty 31

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