"Privileged White People Run Blue Eyed Avatars Through Their Neighborhoods, Knowing the Police Won't Shoot."

That's how leaders of California's Black Lives Matter movement describe the Pokemon GO craze currently sweeping the nation. According to an article in the Santa Monica Observer, BLM says that Pokemon is a symbol for not only white privilege, but American society:

"First...it's much safer to play Pokemon Go, which requires you to walk around your own neighborhood; if you're white and living in your own neighborhood. Second, if you're black and you play Pokemon in Beverly Hills, chances are the police are going to stop you, question you and see what you're REALLY up to. The third respect in which Pokemon Go is racist is that you can set yourself up as a white Avatar, hunting down and collecting - or shooting - the black monsters in your own neighborhood."

And the story concludes:

"In Inglewood tonight, Black Lives Matter protestors have shut down the 405 freeway by LAX airport. So if you're walking along the 405 freeway trying to find Pokemon characters; well, there's a couple of reasons not to go there."

To read the entire Santa Monica Observer article on Black Lives Matter calling Pokemon GO racist, JUST CLICK HERE!

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