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Things got a little tense during an interview with Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy. Tara cut things short when Jenny started asking her about she wasn’t comfortable with like her plastic surgeries and a reality show she made a guest appearance on called Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars… but before it was over Jenny dropped a bomb saying that Tara had ‘wobbly knees’ and wished her good luck with Sharknado 18… Not for nothing, Jenny’s resume isn’t much better. J/S Either way, you’ll get to hang with Tara and her wobbly knees and ask her all about Sharknado 4 when she’s here next month for Geek’d Con 2016 presented by Margaritaville.

Ghostbusters came out proton packs blazing this weekend but it was only good enough for second place at the box office with The Secret Life of Pets retaining the top spot.

Uh oh… Sarepta native Trace Adkins was reportedly overserved at a St. Jude fundraiser last week. Word is he was slurring, couldn’t finish his performance, then stumbled off stage. He donated his performance fee back to St. Jude… But why is he charging a charity anyway? Either way, Trace checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse in 2014 after he got into a fisticuffs with an impersonator singing karaoke on a cruise ship.

Even celebrities are playing Pokemon Go… even back stage at the Grand Ole Opry! We’ve got video of Cam catching pokemon and she’s not that good, so don’t feel bad if you’ve ever wasted 10 pokeballs trying to catch Rattata.

Celebrity Birthdays July 18:
Vin Diesel 49
Kristen Bell 36
Priyanka Chopra 34

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