Do you remember when Pokemon Go took over Downtown Shreveport? Get ready for muggles to take over our town come Friday.

Potterheads you can start playing the brand new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. Instead of being a muggle and stuck at work all day, take a lunch hour and jump into the wizarding realm. Okay, maybe you'll only be able to escape through your phone but escape nonetheless. This game will be very similar to Pokemon Go, it's made by the same company Niantic Labs.

Potterheads will interact with the real world around them with the help of AR (augmented reality). Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released on Friday, June 21, 2019. The app will be free, just like Pokemon Go. Do you think that this game will be as big as Pokemon Go was during their big release?

Overall, this game will encourage a lot of people to get out and level up. Will you be downloading Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

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