Deviled eggs are part of every single holiday in our family and they are Steven's favorite. Last year I tried something new, something so easy you will be shocked at how good the results are! These deviled eggs are beyond easy! Only 3 ingredients!

deviled eggs

There are only 3 ingredients to make these fabulously delicious deviled eggs!


Sandwich Spread (the pinkish colored stuff, I use Kraft)

Greek Seasoning (I use Cavender's)

Okay, as far as measurements, there are none--just 'til it looks right and tastes right. Mix in the sandwich spread with the yolks until they are creamy and sprinkle in the greek seasoning until it suites your tastes. Them stuff that yummy mixture into the sliced egg white halves.

Oh, and if you want some really good tips on creating the perfect boiled eggs (sans funny green/blue halo around the yolk) READ THIS!

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