If you are one of the brave souls who can't wait to crack all those colorful shells and whip up a huge batch of egg salad sandwiches, you aren't alone. Now, I'm not saying I'm on board--I'm way too scared to eat Easter Eggs after they've been laying in the yard for any amount of time, but Gary McCoy is game.

So how long is too long?

Two hours. Boiled eggs shouldn't be eaten after sitting out for over two hours. So if for some reason the egg hunt at your house gets delayed, don't take your chancing by dining on any eggs that were out in the yard longer than two hours.

Boiled eggs will keep a week in the fridge--good news if you have a ton of eggs to dye.

And I know boiling an egg sounds idiot proof, but I was just reading a food safety article in the Shreveport Times and I'm pretty sure I've been going about boiling eggs all wrong. Check out these instructions:

The recommended method of hard-cooking eggs: Put the eggs on the range in cold water, then cover. Bring the water just to a boil and turn off the heat. Allow large eggs to remain in the hot water for 15 minutes, then cool them promptly in cold running water. Eggs will then be hard-cooked without having the greenish color around the yolk. -Connie Aclin, LSU AgCenter Extension Educator via www.shreveporttimes.com