This might sound kinda dumb considering that we are in the heart of Air Force country, but have I ever missed an opportunity to ask a dumb question? No, and today is no exception.

Last night, I happened to be driving on I-20 East Bound in Bossier when I noticed this huge lighted flying object in the horizon. At first, I thought it was a UFO, but my boyfriend assured me it was one of the Air Force planes that we ALWAYS see over there... I just rarely drive that way at night. So this brought me to the question:

 "Why do they have bright lights like that? I mean, are they trying to make sure they don't run into anything? Something tells me you can't swerve in an airplane like you can on the road. I don't understand."

That's when he reminded me that another purpose of lights is to BE seen, not to just see. So that planes can see each other in the air, to help land, etc, etc."

I felt kinda dumb after that... but then again, the closest I've ever been to a plane is from watching "Lost." Well, not really, I've actually been on lots of planes...I've even been to Canada. Which brings me to another dumb question I asked once.

I was getting in the car of one of my Canadian friends when I noticed a plug in the grill of her SUV. I asked her why that was there and if the car was electric (this was a dumb question because the SUV was an older model and at that point, there weren't many electric cars period). She laugh at me and told me it keeps the engine warm when it gets cold and helps them crank it in the morning. Which leads me to another problem...

Why is it that the only time I have actually paid attention to the weather it was wrong? I swear, after I tried to walk down my frozen steps this morning in short sleeves this morning, I pulled out my weather app on my phone just to confirm that the low projected for today was, in fact higher than the actual temp at 8am... by like 10 degrees.

And it's so strange because someone just told me the weather people were doing a better job at being on target lately. My New Years resolution this upcoming year is: delete my weather app and be surprised every day.

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