This morning I was picking up my cup of coffee at my regular coffee shop. I love the way the staff collects tips, they make us vote on the daily and there I am like a fool, tipping an extra 2 bucks so my opinion wins. Yesterday they had their tip jars asking you to pick in between the better pet, dogs or cats. Obviously dogs for the win! You put your tip in the jar that has your vote, and you hope your opinion wins. Today I was shocked. "The Earth is.." and to my dismay the voting for the flat earth option was winning. Wait, is this a real thing? For centuries we have been told and accepted that the earth is round. I remember one of my favorite toys as a kid was a LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe, my siblings and I would play with it for hours. Luckily that toy helped me pass my geography class in Junior High. Remember making fun of our ancestors believing the earth was flat? Well, those people are still among us. Many are still in the closet and scared to talk about their belief of a flat earth. They call themselves "flat earthers".

Many flat earth believers believe that no one has ever landed on the moon. Many use the bible to prove that the earth is in fact flat. Recently ABC Nightline visited a Flat Earth Convention and they interviewed several flat earth believers. You can watch the video below.

Do you believe the earth is flat? Vote below!

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