After numerous published reports about the possibility of opening a plant in Lordstown, Ohio, Elio Motors, via social media, said those stories are wrong and the company says, "we still plan to build in Shreveport."

But, according to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, hopes of landing the three-wheeled car maker are high. From

"Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was in Columbus on Thursday checking out a new vehicle he said has the potential to be built in Lordstown.'

"The car is made by Phoenix-based company Elio Motors. It's a fuel-efficient, low-cost vehicle that Elio officials are looking to build in Ohio.'

"The governor was asked if the car could be made in Lordstown.'

"'We're certainly looking for someone to go into Lordstown. Our goal has been to get General Motors to put another line in there. If that does not happen, we certainly want to get another plant in here. Excuse me, I said that wrong, we certainly want to get another car company in there if we cannot, if General Motors is not willing to do this,' DeWine said."

And weekend reports, also from, seemed to support the initial story:

"There's been no replacement for the work at GM Lordstown but on Thursday, a sign of hope emerged. The governor looked at a new car -- and its makers are interested in Ohio.

People got excited seeing Governor Mike DeWine looking over the new Elio Morors car. The company may be considering Ohio for an assembly location."

However, despite the Ohioans high hopes, Elio's Facebook page spoke to the contrary.:

"We wanted to touch on a recent topic. As some of you may have seen, an article was recently published that mentioned a meeting between Elio Motors and Governor DeWine in Ohio. We want to clear the air- we still plan to build the Elio in Shreveport, Louisiana."

Owner Paul Elio, who says he still needs $400 million to get his started, has already spent about $115 million on the project. Last May he announced another production delay, which he blamed on lack of funding.

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