We want to thank everyone who has served our great country! We appreciate the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families. Tell us about your service member. Send in your story and a photo and we will share it with all of Kiss Country.

Dakota Huse

This week we salute Lance Corporal Dakota R. Huse of the Marine Corps. Dakota's mother shared his story of sacrifice with us. Thank you Donna. Thank you for allowing us to share your story. We want to honor your son, you and your entire family.

My story is about my Son who while still in high school joined the Marine Corps in the delayed entry Program and after he graduated in 2009 went to boot camp ... in 2010 was deployed to Afghanistan and while serving this great country was KIA in November of that year. My son was a great person and Marine ... he loved life and his family and friends . While serving over there he would tell us about things that we could not imagine and yet he continued doing what he loved . Always with a smile and many stories to share , he gained may more friendships. An officer who was with my son the day he was killed came to us and advised that he was so thankful for my son because of my son and what he did. This officer was hit with shrapnel from the IED that took my sons life sent him to the hospital and this officer learned that he had cancer and had he not been injured that day h e may have not known in time to have that cancer removed and explained to us, that had it not been for my son that day he would have possibly died twice. As a mother I am sad at the loss of my Marine but as a Mother I am so honored that he was and will always be MY HERO and SON .... Semper Fi Never forgotten ...

May God Bless,
Mother of a Marine
Donna Huse

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