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As the United States House of Representatives meets this morning to Impeach President Donald Trump for a second time, many have noted serious changes around the Capitol Building.

Last week, an unprecedented attack was levied against the US Capitol. A deadly domestic terrorist attack that led to at least 5 deaths, including the death of a police officer. Since then, new security measures have been taken inside the Capitol Building, including metal detectors leading into the House of Representatives Chamber. (Even though not all Representatives are using them.)

But as reporters entered the Capitol this morning, they noted something else, another change.

The FBI and other law enforcement groups have warned that more attacks are being planned against the Capitol. Attacks that could be far worse than last weeks. In response, the National Guard has already been deployed to the Capitol, and this morning, they were found sleeping in the hallways of the Capitol, already protecting.

The Nation's Capitol isn't the only place watching for more domestic terrorism in the coming week. State capitols across the United State's have been put on high alert for attacks, that could start as early as this weekend.

The focus of the potential attacks, is the Inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. That event is set to take place next week, and the FBI has been warning of more domestic terrorist attacks because of it.

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