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We asked you to help us honor our local veterans for Veteran's Day and you came through in a big way Shreveport-Bossier! Words can't express our gratitude to those who have and are currently serving. The sacrifices that both you and your families have made don't go unnoticed. Thank you for your service!

Last night, we asked you to tell us the names of your loved ones who have served and I was personally overwhelmed by the response! BTW, we have to thank Kendall Smith Riggs for the super cool picture of her great uncle Sammy Springer who served with the one and only Elvis Presley. They're both pictured above.

With Veteran's Day coming up tomorrow, Gary and I want to shine a light on local heroes, both past and present. If you...

Posted by Erin Bristol on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mike Barr - USAF
Col. Ted Cox - Army
Chris Shaw
Charlie Cavell
Mike Joyner
Walter Lee Cole
George Celichowski
Dominick Jumbeck
Anthony Wrzesinski - USAF
Conrad Langley
William Paul Donald - Navy
Larry Lowe - Army
Stephen Joseph Lavery
MSgt John Taylor - USAF
SMSgt Steve Carlsrud - USAF
Msgt Tim Carlsrud - USAF
Grant Rogers
Shayne McGinty
Ron Delaney
Tim Sloan
Bill Curtis Tucker
John Burnes
Tommy Williams
Claude Dilts - USAF
Kenny Frazier
LCpl Dakota Huse - Marines
Carlye Russell Young
Clifton Young
Julia Russell
Larry Martensen
Lane Moore - Army
Harold Zerrahn
David Mudd - USAF
Thomas Earl Castello - Navy
Larry Edward Soper - Marines
Thomas Peter Bevins II - Navy
Bill Harper - Navy
Shelby Dean Gray - Army
Dustin Draper - Marines
Dave Poole - USAF
Bob Pennington - USAF
David Randall - Navy
Roy Arredondo
Lt. Col Robert W. DeWerff - USAF
Marvin Cross - USAF/Navy
Dorothy Cross - Army
Gary Robinson - Navy
Allen Chadwick - Army
John Chadwick
Natalie Givens
Zoe Marsden
Franklin Griffith - USAF
Charles Griffith - USAF
Robert Griffith
James Metzelaars - Navy
Christine Woolsey Sebastian - Army
Donnie English - Army
Victor Marzan - Army
Tonya Marzan - Army
Sam Weaver
Sherry Nevilles
Cooper Sparks
Lester McEntire
Jim Noetzel - USAF
Tyler Riggs - Marines
Sgt. Blake Stevens
Denver Price - Army

We can't say it enough. Thank you for your service!

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